Why Paphos is a popular place to live

Why Paphos is a popular place to live

Pafos is the gem of Cyprus, a picturesque coastal town rich in History and Culture, yet offering a wealth of modern amenities. Paphos, the birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite has many archaeological sites of great interest with remains from the Neolithic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The whole of Paphos is a designated UNESCO Heritage site. The mosaics of Nea Paphos are among the most beautiful in the world.

The lifestyle you can achieve in Paphos is amazing. The warm and sunny weather for up to nine months of the year, the low criminality rates, the laid-back attitude to life enjoyed by local people, the unique Mediterranean Cyprus cuisine, the beautiful coastline and nature and the traditional little mountain villages nearby, all add quality and enjoyment to life.

Whether you are moving to Cyprus for retirement or you are young and free and look for a better quality of life, or you have children and you want to integrate into the local community, there is so much going on in and around the Paphos area for people of all ages. The town has great infrastructure and amenities – from shopping malls and shops to modern hospitals, from kindergartens and schools to a good road network. The Paphos International airport is just 15 minutes’ drive from the town center and a modern highway links the Paphos district to the whole of Cyprus.

Nightlife is also fantastic and offers many choices. As a resident, you can enjoy going out to bars, cafes, and fine restaurants with local and international cuisine. If you are a fan of culture and the arts – theatre plays, musical concerts and recitals as well as painting and photography exhibitions – you can certainly be…busy all year round.

Want more? Nearly all locals have a very good knowledge of at least English (although you should learn Greek if you would really like to enjoy more of your life in Cyprus) meaning that making friends and feeling like home will be a lot easier. In fact, if you want to enjoy a best of all world’s situation, consider living in the Paphos area as it offers one of the best lifestyles in one of the best locations in Europe if not the world!!!

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