Cyprus is amongst the most well prepared countries to receive guests

Great news for Cyprus lovers! After months of lockdown, the Mediterranean paradise is ready to open its borders! And to give even more motivations to future travellers, the Cypriot government has stated that they will reimburse their travel costs if they test positive for Covid-19 after visiting the country.

Travel giant TUI is planning to resume flights to main holiday destinations in Europe by the end of June with Cyprus earmarked as one of the best prepared to receive tourists.

The major tour operator is pressing ahead to resume flight to countries where the coronavirus threat has abated with Cyprus allowing flights from 13 countries when its airports open on June 9 post-COVID19 lockdown.

The company, which says it has 27 million customers, has identified Cyprus, Greece and Austria, as being more viable among European destinations because the virus there appears to be contained.

Cyprus gradually opens up even more! Cyprus has achieved remarkable results in its work to control the pandemic of COVID-19. Infections just over 900 cases, a good recovery rate with few deaths, and now down to single digit cases indicates that Cyprus has reached a turning point in fighting the coronavirus. The Cyprus government’s prompt response from the very beginning by implementing anti-pandemic measures, together with the public’s unwavering support, have ensured Cyprus’ emergence from the lockdown.

Cyprus airports will gradually begin to welcome flights and tourists from June 9 following three months of lockdown. Cyprus hotels will also be allowed to open from June 1 as the tourism-dependent holiday island emerges from tight COVID-19 lockdown measures introduced in mid-March. New markets that Cyprus has targeted include, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, other Scandinavian countries, France and the Netherlands while encouraging more from Greece, Germany and Israel.

The low transmissibility indicator of the virus, the situation at hospitals, and the reduced number of new cases, confirm the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by the Cyprus government in March.

As one of the safest countries in the European Union, Cyprus provides a window into the post-virus future!

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